Bhai Vir Singh Study Circles

To promote writings and message of Bhai Vir Singh, Study Circles are functioning in New Delhi, Kanpur, New York and Toronto. The Study Circle in New Delhi, the autonomous sister institution of the Sadan, has been regularly arranging monthly Kirtan durbars on the second sunday of every month, wherein apart from regular kirtan, Bhai Vir Singh's poems are sung and his `message' is read. A welcome initiative has been taken by the Study Circle to involve youth in Gurbani Sangeet.

So soon as thou didst love me,
So soon as thou
madest me thine,
So soon as thou madest
me the bee of the lotus
which is thy feet, Then, then,
without a word to me,
Thou didst depart;
And I knew nothing,
my love! Oh,
I knew nothing then!

- Bhai Vir Singh All Rights Reserved Designed and developed by sarbjitsingh