Bhai Vir Singh Niwas Asthan

On the numerous requests to build a suitable memorial at Amritsar, Bhai Sahib's brother Dr. Balbir Singh, an eminent scholar and philosopher gave the land and the house at Amritsar to the Sadan, which had been Bhai Sahib's residence for many years. A simple and elegant memorial hall at Amritsar, where Bhai Sahib spent most of the years of his life and wrote some of his beautiful works has been built. The residential portion of the Niwas Asthan of Bhai Sahib is being preserved as a monument. Some rare paintings and coloured photographs duly mounted have been displayed in the Niwas Asthan. The Lawrence Road, Amritsar, where the Niwas Asthan is located, has been renamed as Bhai Vir Singh Marg.

Bhai Vir Singh Memorial Museum and Library

Bhai Vir Singh Niwas Asthan at 60, Lawrence Road, Amritsar, which has since been renamed as Bhai Vir Singh Marg, has been converted into a Museum-cum-Library. As a result of the initiative taken by Bibi Surjit Kaur Kalsi, Dr. Sewa Singh and others, old photographs connected with life and times of Bhai Vir Singh and some of his early writings have been displayed there. On a request to the Department of Culture, Government of India, Sadan has been given a grant of Rs.12 lakhs to re-organise and modernise the Museum and display of personal relics of Bhai Vir Singh and first edition of his works in proper display- case with provision of temperature control.

So soon as thou didst love me,
So soon as thou
madest me thine,
So soon as thou madest
me the bee of the lotus
which is thy feet, Then, then,
without a word to me,
Thou didst depart;
And I knew nothing,
my love! Oh,
I knew nothing then!

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