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Seminar on Cultural Heritage of Panjab
A two-day Seminar on Cultural Heritage of Panjab was organised by the Institute wherein prominent scholars from Delhi and Panjab participated. Prof. B.N. Goswami, delivered the Inaugural Address while Prof. J.S. Grewal, read the Keynote Address. Prominent among those who participated in the seminar were:

1. Dr. Kapila Vatsayan, 2. Prof. Amrik Singh, 3. Prof. Bipan Chandra,
 Prof. K.S. Duggal, 5. Prof. Indu Banga, 6. Mrs. Ajit Cour, 
 Dr. J.S. Neki, 8. Prof. I.P. Singh

Seminar in London
The Institute arranged a Seminar on "Early 20th Century Panjab" at the University of London from Sept. 24-26, 1990, in collaboration with the Centre for Multi-Cultural Education. The Seminar was inaugurated by Shri Kuldip Nayar, then High Commissioner of India in U.K. Prominent scholars such as Dr. Amrik Singh, Prof. J.S. Grewal, Dr. J.S. Neki, Prof. Indu Banga, Dr. Mohinder Singh, Dr. Darshan Singh and others were part of a delegation from India. Prominent scholars from U.K. including Prof. C. Shackle, Dr. J.S. Gundara, Dr. A.S. Kalsi, Dr. Owen Cole, Dr. Ranjana Ash, Dr. Francis Clark, Ms. Angela Dietrich and a large number of scholars from Panjab Research Group in U.K. also participated in the Seminar.

Seminar on Compassion in Punjabi Literature
A Seminar on 'Elements of Compassion in Punjabi Literature' was arranged at the Institute on January 28, 1991, wherein prominent scholars from all over the country and a Russian scholar Prof. lgor D. Serebyakov, participated. While Dr. Amrik Singh delivered the Inaugural Address, Mrs. Amrita Pritam read the Key-note Address. The seminar was presided over by Dr. I.N. Choudhary, in which Dr. M.K. Gill, Dr. Karanjit Singh, Dr. Devinder Chandan, Dr. Manjit Singh and others presented their papers. In the afternoon there was an open ended discussion on the "Agenda for Punjab Studies" which was presided over by Prof. Pritam Singh of Patiala.

International Seminar on Partition in Retrospect
In connection with the fifty years of country's independence the Institute organised an International Seminar on "Partition in Retrospect" in collaboration with the India International Centre, New Delhi, from August 8-10, 1997. The Seminar, which was Inaugurated by Sh. I.K. Gujral, then Prime Minister of India, was attended by delegates from different parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Canada and Australia.

Seminar on Sanjhi Virasat
A Seminar on Sanjhi Virasat was arranged on 24th April, 2003 wherein Dr. Kapila Vatsayan, Prof. Namwar Singh, Dr. J.S. Neki and Dr. Karanjit Singh spoke. Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi, released Institute's publications Heer Waris Shah, Sohni Mahiwal, Bulle Shah and Baba Farid in Hindi and Punjabi. Dr. Manmohan Singh, President of the Institute, presided over the function.

Lectures by Visiting Scholars
February 19, 1999 - Prof. V.N. Dutta gave a lecture on "Mountbatten and the Panjab Boundary Award" at the India International Centre, New Delhi. Dr. Monmohan Singh presided over the function.

April 3, 2000 - Prof. G.S. Bhalla (Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University) gave a lecture on "Trends in Panjab Economy and its Social Implications" at India International Centre, New Delhi. Dr. M.S. Gill presided over the function.

September 22, 2000 - Prof. B.N. Goswamy gave a lecture on "Emerging Slowly into the Light: Paintings of the Sikhs" at Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi, Dr. Karan Singh presided over the function.

February 20, 2001 - Prof. Himadri Banerjee delivered Prof. Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture on "Sikhs and Sikhism in Eastern India" at Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi.

Prof. Mridula Mukherjee presided over the function.

December, 2001 - Prof. Karen Leonard gave a lecture on "Punjabi Pioneers in California" at the India International Centre, New Delhi. Sardar Khushwant Singh presided over the function.

February 9, 2002 - Prof. Ian Talbot (School of International Studies and Law, University of Coventry, U.K.) gave a Lecture on "Punjabi Diaspora in the United Kingdom" at Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi. Dr. M.S. Gill presided over the function.

December 2, 2002 - The Institute organised the release of Prof. Hew McLoed's "Sikhs of the Khalsa: A History of the Khalsa Rahit", in collaboration with Oxford University Press India at India International Centre, New Delhi. Sardar Khushwant Singh presided over the function.

January 7, 2005 - The Director of the Institute made a presentation on `Endangered Sikh Heritage’ at a function organised by INTACH.

Other prominent Scholars who have delivered lectures at the invitation of the Institute are Prof. J.S. Grewal, Prof. Bhisham Sahni, Prof. Gurdial Singh, Dr. J.O. Connell (Canada), Dr. Owen Cole (U.K.), Dr. Nikky Guninder Kaur (U.S.A.) and Prof. Mark Juergensmeyer from the University of California, U.S.A.

International Conferences
The Institute collaborated with the Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in organising two conferences:

"Transmission of Punjabi Heritage to the Diaspora" in February 1994.

"Sikh Identity: Continuity and Change" in August, 1996. Dr. J.S. Neki, Dr. J.S. Grewal and Dr. Mohinder Singh represented the Institute in these conferences. Some other prominent scholars who attended the conferences were Dr. Hew McLeod, Dr. N.G. Barrier, Dr. Karen Leonard and Dr. J.O. Connell.

International Conference on Punjabi Heritage in Singapore
The Institute organised an International Conference on Punjabi Heritage in collaboration with the Singapore Sikh Educational Foundation in June, 1992, wherein prominent scholars such as Dr. Amrik Singh, Prof. Pritam Singh, Dr. J.S. Neki, Shri. Kuldip Nayar, Prof. G.S. Randhawa, Dr. Madanjit Kaur, Dr. Mohinder Singh, Dr. G. S.Mansukhani, Janab Afzal Haidar and Dr. J.O. Connell participated.

An International Conference: 
Towards a Culture of Harmony and Peace
The Institute helped in organising an "International Conference: Towards the Culture of Harmony and Peace' in collaboration with the Delhi Peace Summit in New Delhi in December, 2003.

An International Summit: 
Pathways to Peace: Transcending Religious Boundaries
The Institute arranged an International Summit on 'Pathways to Peace:Transcending Religious Boundaries' in collaboration with Delhi Peace Summit and India International Centre, on November 22, 2004. The Summit was inaugurated by Shri I.K.Gujral, former Prime Minister of India and addressed among others by Justice A.M. Ahmadi, former Chief Justice of India, Dr. William Lesher, Chair, Board of Trustees, Parliament of Worlds Religions, Chicago, eminent litterateur Shri Kamleshwar, Dr. Syeda Hamid, Member Planning Commission, Dr. Swami Veda Bharati, Swami Agnivesh, Dr.T.D. Singh, Maulana Wahiddudin Khan, Dr. L.M. Singhvi and Prof. Mridula Mukherjee.

Peace Pilgrimage to Pakistan
The Institute collaborated in a Peace Pilgrimage to Pakistan on the Urs of Baba Bulle Shah on August 26, 2004. The delegation led by Dr. Nirmala Deshpande included Bishop Karam Masih, Dr. T. D. Singh, Dr. Sudhamahi Regunathan, Dr. A. K. Merchant, Prof. Kuljit Shellie, Prof. Madan Gopal Singh and others.

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