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Bhai Vir Singh Museum is a Centre for conservation, study and reflection on heritage and culture. With a primary purpose to safeguard and preserve the heritage and properly display rare Birs of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and other old manuscripts, relics of Bhai Vir Singh and other objects of Punjabi Heritage, Bhai Vir Singh Museum has been set up in the Sadan.

Scholars, Educational institutions and individuals with a passion to know history of Sikh religion and get a glimpse of Rare Birs of Guru Granth Sahib will be able to get the material of their interest under one roof at Bhai Vir Singh Museum.

The Museum of the Sadan has rare Birs of Sri Guru Granth Sahib which include:-

Further the Museum possesses hand written manuscripts and printed copies of rare historical
texts like:-

The Museum also possesses  the manuscripts of some of the classical texts like:-

The collection also includes Nishans and Hukamnamas of Guru Sahibs. Copies of Khalsa Samachar from 1899 are also available in the museum.

The Museum also preserves audio/video recorded interviews of those who had the privilege of knowing Bhai Vir Singh from a close quarter. Microfilms of some of the rare material have also been added to it.

Rare Audio collection of Kirtan by different ragis is also conserved.

The conservation of some of the rare manuscripts has been undertaken by Bhai Vir Singh Museum. The museum opens for public viewing from time to time. For prior appointment to visit museum on any working day. click here for contact Us.

So soon as thou didst love me,
So soon as thou
madest me thine,
So soon as thou madest
me the bee of the lotus
which is thy feet, Then, then,
without a word to me,
Thou didst depart;
And I knew nothing,
my love! Oh,
I knew nothing then!

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