Gurmukhi Fonts

Keeping Gurbani in mind, our computer division has developed a very special font for the correct alphabets, spellings and publishing of literature in Gurmukhi script. Presently, we have two types of fonts: SarbNewGurmukhi-2 with numeric in Roman and SarbNewGurmukhi-1 with numeric in Gurmukhi as well.

Bhai Vir Singh Album PPT

Some rare photographs of Bhai Vir Singh and his family in power point presentation

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“O Flower Gatherer!” says the rose,
“Tear me not away from my parent stem!
Linked with it, the life sap of the infinite
life flows through me.
I blossom and glow
and perfume the very univese.
All that come hither may drink of joy
from the fragrant scent of my soul.

“O flower gatherer!
why dost thou take me away,
to have me all for thyself, thine only,
denied to all others!
Ah! it will be so, it will be so,
thou wilt have me all for thyself.
But thou wilt retain me for less than
a twinkling of an eye.
And I, my pefume, my beauty,
my soul, and all I am will die.”

- Bhai Vir Singh All Rights Reserved Designed and developed by sarbjitsingh